Requirements to articles

Requirements to registration of article in magazine
« 3i: the intellect, an idea, an innovation – the intellect, an idea, an innovation »


Articles and other materials directed for the publication in magazine « 3i: the intellect, an  idea, an innovation», should conform to conditions and to be issued according to the requirements shown by editorial soviet.

Conditions for accommodation of article in magazine:
- Two positive reviews certified by press of establishment, leading experts on the given branch of a science;

- The summary and the name of article in three languages (Kazakh, Russian and English);
- In a content of article there should be reviews of proceedings of foreign researchers on a similar problem;

- The manuscript of article in volume from 5  to 10 p., signed by the author (authors);
- The electronic version of article and the summary goes to the address of – 110 000, Коstanay, 47 Baitursynov Street,  e-mail:


The cost of one full and incomplete page:


- for employees of KSU named after A. Baitursynov - 1000 (one thousand) tenge;


- for authors from other universities - 2000 (two thousand) tenge.


Authors from foreign universities-partners without co-authorship with Kazakhstan authors pubication is free.

The order of an arrangement of structural elements of article:
- Article should contain an index universal decimal the classifications (UDC), put down in left top to the angle;

- Heading of article (capital letters, a semiboldface font), S.N.P. of the author (no more than 3 authors), its scientific degree, a rank, place of work (a position, the name of the enterprise, the organization, establishment) and the summary typed in the italics and keywords (3-5 words) settle down before the text of article in 3 languages. If in the name of the organization the city through a comma after the name of the organization the city is underlined, for the foreign organizations - city and the country (Far East institute  of retraining of personnel FSKTD the Russian Federation, Khabarovsk) obviously is not specified. If article is prepared by several authors, their data are specified by way of the importance of the contribution of each author in article. Volume of the summary – not less than 150-200 words (italics, a usual font);
- The text in a format doc. (Microsoft Word). A format of file А4 (297х210 mm.). All fields – 2 sm. Pages in the electronic version are not numbered, numbering of pages is only on the paper carrier. A font: Arial. The size of a symbol – 10 pt. The text should be formatted on width without carries, a space in the beginning of the paragraph – 1 sm. The Line spacing – unary. The heading of article is formatted in the middle. In the text of article automatic numbering should not be used;
- The list used by preparation of article of information sources settles down in the end of article.

Transfer of sources is given by way of links on them in article. Number of the link in the text of article is made out in square brackets, for example – [1, p.13].

The list of the literature is made out according to SS 7.1-2003" Bibliographic record. The bibliographic description. The general requirements and rules of preparation ».
- the literature in a latin transcription;
- the information about the author (s): a surname, a name, a patronymic (completely), a scientific degree, an academic status, a position, place of work (a school or competition), contact phones, a fax, e-mail, the postal index and the address (in Russian, Kazakh and English languages).

The sample of registration of article