Order of consideration of articles

Order of consideration of articles

 1. Timeframes of supply of materials in magazine:

Number of magazine

Month of release

The termination of reception of materials in number



On February, 15th



On May, 15th



On August, 15th



On November, 15th

2. The acted editions are considered by an editorial board for10 days
3. Requirements to articles are developed according to operating specifications and affirm with the editor-in-chief. If necessary requirements can be reconsidered, but not more often an once  a year.
4. The bases to refusal in publication of article can serve:
- Discrepancy to the requirements shown to materials represented to publication;
- The negative review of a represented material;
- Non-observance by the author of a material of the current legislation about the copyright and the adjacent rights.
 5. The decision on the publication in magazine strikes root for 2-3 weeks after granting a material. The author should provide in advance materials in edition not less than 30 days prior to release of magazine. Final timeframe of reception of materials for the publication is placed on a site of university.