Policy of versatile scientific magazine ' 3i: the intellect, an idea, an innovation – the intellect, an idea, an innovation ' – propagation of scientific knowledge, results of researches of scientists of Kazakhstan, near and far abroad in humanitarian and social, veterinary, agricultural, economic, legal, natural and technical directions.
The versatile scientific magazine is created for the publication and promotion of results of scientific researches of higher doctorate , magistrates and competitors of scientific degrees, as well as an exchange of scientific results and research experience, carries out the major function of propagation of the scientific information, attraction in a science of new researchers, problem headings of magazines initiate discussions on pressing questions of the theory and practice.
     The founder of magazine is the high school. The collective of editions has problems of increase of public prestige of scientific activity, strengthening of communications between a science and the education.
The edition of magazine assists the progress of creative communications of high school with other higher educational institutions and scientific institutes of RК and foreign countries. The staff of an editorial board consist of  known scientists of the Russian Federation, Byelorussia, Italy, Turkey and  other  countries of abroad that allows to expand information space of interoperability of home scientists.
Language of the edition – Kazakh, Russian, English.

 Periodicity of the edition – quarterly.

The magazine is registered in the International centre of registration of serial editions ISSN (UNESCO, Paris, France).
Magazine « 3i: the intellect, an idea, an innovation - the intellect, an idea, an innovation » is addressed to wide scientific community, teachers of high schools, magistrates,  students, art workers and education.